Pesticides in Foods using automated QuEChERS and LC/MS/MS
Our Principal Gerstel- Germany has developed Automated QuEChERS Extraction for the Confirmation of Pesticide Residues in Foods using the GERSTEL MultiPurpuse Sampler MPS combined with LC/MS/MS analysis.
Static and Dynamic Headspace analysis of Alcoholic Beverages
Our Principal Gerstel- Germany has developed Automated Static and Dynamic Headspace Analysis with GC/MS for Determination of Abundant and Trace Flavor Compounds in Alcoholic Beverages Containing Dry Extract.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Informatics Solutions bags Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award 2010: Jun 16, 2010
It is with great pleasure and excitement to inform you that our Principal Thermo Fisher Scientific Informatics Solutions and Emory University are the recipients of the 2010 Microsoft Life Science Innovation Award.


MultiPurpose Sampler MPS for LC & LCMS / (MS)

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS is a highly productive LC autosampler and sample preparation robot for up to 3456 samples. In combination with the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software, the MPS provides more performance and higher productivity in sample preparation than any other commercially available LC/MS or LC autosampler. The MPS is compatible with all standard LC Systems.


The MPS LC autosampler is easily adapted to new tasks and processes in the laboratory. Exchangeable syringe modules enable fast change of methods even between different analytical techniques, such as liquid sample handling and sample introduction.

A number of sample preparation techniques available for LC are :
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) ,Liquid Handling, Standard addition, Derivatization , Dilution ,Extraction
Heating, cooling and/or mixing , Membrane Assisted Solvent Extraction (MASE) & Twister Back Extraction (TBE)

In addition to its capabilities in sample preparation and sample introduction the MPS can be used as a fraction collector.. If different syringes are required for fraction collection and sample introduction, the MPS can be upgraded to the dual rail version, capable of performing all steps automatically without changing syringes.

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